WINNIPEG -- The province has issued more tickets in connection with an anti-mask rally last weekend in Manitoba.

In an enforcement bulletin released on Friday, the province said 20 $1,296 tickets were issued to people who attended the rally at The Forks.

The province added the event is still under investigation and more charges are expected.

"Enforcement officers will be present at any rallies, large gatherings, and events this weekend and will be closely monitoring events," the province said in the bulletin.

"Officials advise the choice to defy public health orders is a serious offence and violators will be held to account."

Earlier this week, the province reported two tickets were handed out to people at The Forks rally for breaking public health orders.

Two rallies are scheduled to take place this weekend according to posts on social media. One will happen at The Forks on Saturday at 2 p.m., while the other will be held the same day in Winkler at 6 p.m.