"We are so lucky to have good friends who are ready to open their home to us when weather prevents us from snowmobiling back to the Island! Let us use their laundry etc. It's SO appreciated!"

- Darlene Thevenot


"Shout out to CTV Morning Live - Winnipeg for making Manitobans feel appreciated and included, shows a deep connection to its viewers..It is always great to start the day with a smile and/or laugh.keep up the good work."

- Jason Johnson


"Shout out to my coworker tom for waking me up at work during my naps before the shop boss or management do their walk around thanks bud."

- Chucky Bird

What makes you smile? A heartwarming story about people helping people, a random act or kindness or an act of paying it forwarding? Let us know yours by emailing morningsmile@ctv.ca!