“All mums out there. We don't always have her or don't do enough for her at times, so while we are so blessed to have in our lives, let's remember my wife who is a very hard working, loving mum and wife and to my momma whom all of can sure appreciate God bless all of you mums out there.” – Mayn Cam


“I would like to nominate my husband Jesse for the volunteer work he does in the senior homes in our town by singing to the residents with his guitar.” - Violet N Jes


“All the nurses who work so tirelessly to care for their patients so well, even when working short and over time.” – Cathy Boivin


“Transcona Biz for all they so for and around our community!” – Laurie Gregory


“‘Manitoba Start’ which sincerely guides newcomers in their beginning journey here in Manitoba. Proud to belong!: - Cynthia Paguinto


“All of the places that feed the homeless and the volunteers that work” – Linda Cyr-Lofto


“To my husband, love him with all my heart... works 24/7 whether he is sick or not, as a cattle rancher to provide us and to the beef industry!” – Sheri Decock


“Salvation Army Community Response Unit for passing out hot chocolate and cookies for the people who left the building that's on fire.” – Angie Kat


“How about a shout out to all the volunteers at the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.” – Janice E. Cournoyer


“Paws for Serendipity - a small non-kill pet rescue in Killarney, Manitoba.” – Sandy Phillips