"I would like to give a shout out to Save Our Seine. They're an environmental non-profit that does all kinds of clean-up restoration along the Seine River from the confluence of the Red right to the Perimeter. We work with a variety of folks, a green team, and of course we have grants and many volunteers." - Wilma Sotas


"I'd like to give a shout out to the Green Action Centre. They are going to save the earth if anybody is," - Barry Hammond.


“Scouter Ian, of the 49th Scout Group. He has devoted so much of his time to going above and beyond in providing amazing experiences for youth. Truly an outstanding citizen.” – Kat Elle


“Agape table for all the people they help every day with respect and compassion” – Emily Dederick


“Rockin' The Fields of Minnedosa. Volunteers work tirelessly to put a show on every August long weekend. They give part of the proceeds back to the community and service groups.” – Laura Leigh


“My best friend Kyla. Hardest working daycare supervisor ever!!! She is always working on things for the kids, even when she’s not at work.” – Sabrina Raffard


“CTV MORNING LIVE CREW. about a year ago you asked a question who is/was favorite teacher, i said she's a teachers aid. Irene Anderson, any ways she was watching the show, we re connected & been friends on facebook ever since. so thanks to you guys.” – Kim Burrell