"I think my parents should be recognized for lifetime achievements.. dedicated teachers to their students for more than 30 years, to their 5 children for more than 50 years, and to each other for 60 years this August."

- Darlene Theveno


"Just a shout out to the volunteers in the city especially those who work at the soup kitchens and missions for the homeless."

- Linda Cyr-Lofto


"I was hyped up and over did it with a leg work out. A complete stranger helped me stretch it out in the locker room, thanks man!"

- Jeffery Ginew Gobeil


"To my brother, who did all the ground work , research and paperwork when our mom and dad passed away. Job well done Jim !!!!!"

- Jerry Fardoe


"The Bear Clan does an awesome job to keep our city safe for everyone. Hats off to the many volunteers who dedicate their time every day."

- Judy Shkolny