“Christmas time last year, a lady came through my till, she got her groceries and waited while I put the older gentleman through next, her groceries were just over $100 and she randomly paid for his, His were just under $200, Wow, what a thoughtful person to do this, Sure made my day to witness this.”

- Arlene Schick


“My friends daughter saw someone drop a dime as they left Sobeys and went running after him to return it. “Sir! Sir you dropped this!” It was adorable. He let her keep it.”

– Cindy Lee Craig


“We have a man in Charleswood who picks up trash on the boulevards ALL THE TIME. For years now he has been out there with his bucket and his garbage picker-upper helping keep our entire neighbourhood beautiful. He deserves some recognition.”

- Crystal Burton


“I'm amazed at the Bear Clan volunteers out there day in and day out. Asking for nothing in return.”

- Pea Zamm


“At the Valour FC match on Saturday my 3 year old wanted to play soccer with some kids near the Boston Pizza tent but he was by far the youngest and smallest so wasn’t able to get the ball. An older boy took the ball and asked all the other kids to move aside so my son could kick the ball and score a goal.”

- Christine Kieloch


“Good neighbors .there for you no matter what, check on you every day. Truly blessed to live with such kind people around us. Thank you God.”

- Dusanka Perkovic


“A man was sitting outside Dollarama on Regent with a sign that says Anything Helps. I saw someone come out of the store and give him a box of granola bars.”

- Christine Hiebert

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