WINNIPEG -- It was a slow start to mosquito season, but Winnipeggers are starting to see more of the pests.

According to the City of Winnipeg's website, the mosquito count is still relatively low, but the highest it's been this summer.

The average number of mosquitoes in a trap is 18 across the city.

The area with the most mosquitoes is Assiniboine Park, where 65 of the biting insects were found.

Despite the high number in the park, the north side has a much higher number of mosquitoes.

The North West has an average of 23 mosquitoes in a trap, and the North East has an average of 24. South East and South West only have an average of 12 and 13 mosquitoes in a trap.

The city is actively larviciding, a treatment that targets the larval stage of the bug.

Along with itching bumps, mosquitoes can also carry West Nile virus.

The city recommends wearing long sleeves and using bug spray to protect yourself from insects.

Mosquitoes might be at lower levels right now, but the city is battling a higher than average population of tree pest caterpillars, like cankerworms and elm spanworms.