Six years ago Winnipeg homeowner Marty Austman rebuilt his utility shed.

"The old one was a piece of clap trap and it was falling apart," said Austman.

That improvement cost him in more ways than one. Austman said it bumped up his property taxes and he doesn't think that's fair.

"I guess the city figured well maybe we can get a couple extra bucks and here we are," said Austman.

Jenny Motkaluk agrees.

The mayoral candidate unveiled her tax plan to reform how the city calculates and collects taxes.

Motkaluk says she won't punish people for sprucing up their houses come reassessment time.

"Winnipeg homeowners will never be taxed out of their homes by increases in market value," said Motkaluk.

Motkaluk is pledging an annual property tax hike of 1.16 per cent for each individual home. Right now tax hikes can be higher for some, lower for others depending on reassessments.

Motkaluk says tax increases would no longer be tied to home improvements and reassessments, hikes would be capped across the board.

"Under my proposal homeowners will know exactly what their tax bill for the next four years will be -- 1.16 per cent of what their bill was last year," said Motkaluk.

Meantime incumbent candidate Brian Bowman is pledging to stay the course, saying he'd continue with a 2.33 per cent annual hike with most of the increase going to road repairs.

"What became very clear is that this candidate has no plan for roads," said Bowman.

Bowman criticized Motkaluk's plan to end the dedicated tax money for streets.

"What she's released today represents risk and uncertainty for the City of Winnipeg," said Bowman.

But Motkaluk accused Bowman of being “Chicken Little.”

She says she can fix roads with a smaller tax hike by finding better ways to spend money.

"I think that it is time that Mr. Bowman admits that his ideas are not always the best ideas," said Motkaluk.

As for Marty Austman, being on a fixed income, he'd prefer a freeze.

"My few dollars have to be budgeted over home repairs and putting food on the table," said Austman.