WINNIPEG -- A recall has been issued for a mouthwash that is distributed from Dauphin, Man., that could affect people with weakened immune systems.

The recall is for Norwex Lysere Advanced Antioxidant mouthwash. It is sold in 473 millilitre bottles and the SKU number is 403814.

Norwex Canada Inc. said some of the recalled products could contain a common household microorganism known as Pluralibacter gergoviae.

This microorganism can affect people who have weakened immune systems, those who have a serious pre-existing condition, people who have had surgery, or people in another sensitive group.

If people with any of these conditions use the contaminated product, they could be at risk of infection.

Norwex said the affected bottles have the code #CU59 on the bottom of the bottle.

There were 1,036 affected products sold in Canada between Aug. 12 and Aug. 31.

Health Canada is advising anyone who has this product and has the affected code to stop using it and dispose of it right away.

If people are looking for a refund, they are told to take a picture of the bottom of the bottle before throwing it out and then call Norwex at 1-877-766-7939.