Manitoba Public Insurance has launched a new pilot project changing its driver education program, which requires more supervised in-car practice, going from the current 24 hours to 45 hours.

"The philosophy is, a team," said Maria Minenna, MPI's manager of driver education and training. 

"Creating this team to help the new learner learn the rules of the road, and be a safer driver."

And the team doesn't just have to be parent and child. MPI says up to eight people can supervise the student driver.  

They'll also have more time to be on the road together. 

As part of the new program, the in-class education is being reduced from the current 34 hours to 20. 

Driving instructor Todd Taylor says he supports the shift from a lecture-style instruction to more discussion-based learning. 

"I find the kids are really engaged," said Taylor. "And hopefully it will end up as a really positive outcome."

Students will also have to do an online, self-directed learning portion, which they can complete it at their own pace. 

Twenty of the new driver training courses are already underway. MPI says it intends to fully launch the new program across the province in September. It won't offer any drivers courses over July and August, as it fine tunes the course.