WINNIPEG -- As the city and province continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is having an effect on the number of collisions in Manitoba.

Manitoba Public Insurance said car crashes are down 20 per cent in the first three weeks of March.

Brian Smiley, a spokesperson for MPI said it's not surprising since traffic volume is down as well.

"For people who live in Winnipeg, they've certainly seen it. We know rush hour is no longer rush hour," Smiley said. "Roughly 95,000 collisions per year in Manitoba, 60 per cent of those occur in Winnipeg, so the reduction in collisions claims is not surprising, considering the lack of vehicles on the road."

Smiley said for those who don't plan on driving anytime soon and don't want to continue paying the same amount for less usage of your vehicle, they are able to change their plans.

"You may want to consider changing your basic Autopac to a layup policy. It is a significant savings in your premium," said Smiley, noting there is a $15 transfer fee. "Also many people may want to look at all-purpose use and they may want to change that to pleasure use."

Smiley said they are trying to continue operations as best they can, but roughly 60 to 70 per cent of contact centre staff are working from home. Smiley said however, customers can still do the majority of their claims and other processes on the phone or online.