WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg police said officers were called to multiple shootings and stabbings overnight.

The first of the incidents happened on Sunday around 8:34 p.m. when officers were called to the 700 block of Corydon Avenue for a report that gunshots were heard behind a convenience store. Police said a man in his 20s went to a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds.

On Sunday night, CTV News Winnipeg spotted six police cruisers outside of a convenience store, located at Corydon and Arbuthnot Street. Officers had also blocked off the parking lot with police tape.

About two hours later, police were called to a shelter in the South Point Douglas area. A woman in her 40s had been stabbed and was taken to hospital in unstable condition.

On Monday around 12:24 a.m., officers were called to the 200 block of Young Street after gunshots were heard in the area. Police said a man in his 30s went to hospital with a gunshot wound.

More than an hour later at 1:42 a.m., police were called to the 300 block of Sherbrook Street for another reported stabbing. Police found a man in his 40s who was taken to hospital in unstable condition. Police believe he was assaulted near the 500 block of Portage Avenue.

 Shortly after that, around 2:08 a.m., another stabbing brought police to the 300 block of Pritchard Avenue. A teenage girl was found injured. She was taken to hospital in unstable condition, but was later upgraded to stable. A woman in her 20s was arrested and taken into custody, police said.

Shortly before 4 a.m. on Monday, police received another report of gunshots in the 400 block of Furby Street. Police said no injuries were reported, but a nearby residence had gunshot damage.

Police said they do not know at this point if any of the shootings and stabbings are related.

All incidents are being investigated by the Major Crimes Unit.

-with files from CTV's Kayla Rosen