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Nearly 10,000 people walk in Winnipeg Pride Parade

Sunday saw the largest Pride Parade in Winnipeg’s history.

Thousands of people took to the streets of downtown Winnipeg for Pride Winnipeg’s annual parade. The organization said roughly 10,000 people were registered to walk in the parade.

Winnipeggers take part in the 2023 Pride Parade.

''It is wonderful to look out at this gathering and see Manitobans of all ages and all backgrounds sharing that spirit today,” Lieutenant-Governor Anita Neville said at the rally.

In attendance was Elder Albert McLeod, who was at the first Pride Parade in Winnipeg.

“This will be our 36th year and I want to say we will not go one step backward,” McLeod told rally attendees at the Manitoba Legislature.

The theme of the year: You belong here.

"As you join us in the streets of this beautiful city, not just on this day, remember where we can be if we continue to work together towards a common goal,” said parade grand marshal Anita Stallion.

The Pride Parade took place in Winnipeg on June 4, 2023.

The parade ended at The Forks, where people were encouraged to express themselves, surrounded by Winnipeg’s queer community and supporters.

Ashanti, who attended with her partner, said it made her finally feel comfortable.

“Walking in here made me feel nice and empowering because there's so much people like me in the crowd,” attendee Peyton said.

Zeenex Petrie attended with family.

"It’s just a fun place to look around and see the support," Petrie said.

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