She's the definitation of a super fan.

Joan Walsh has a house full of Winnipeg Blue Bombers memorabilia and now, the outside of her home resembles her favourite team’s colours.

It’s a unique sight on busy Pandora Avenue East in Transcona, but it matches perfectly with its owner.

Walsh has only missed a handful of home games in the last 30 years.

“I mean, I've always been a Bombers fan, but season ticket holder since the (19)80s,” said Walsh.

The 81-year-old has a heart of blue and gold. Her late husband, Ernie, didn’t care about the game as much, but still drove her to the stadium for every game.

Walsh said her husband always listened on the radio while he waited so he would know when the game was over and could pick her up right away.

Ernie passed away two summers ago and since then, neighbours have stepped in to take Walsh to games.

"We all take care of her. She's in a block where no one has moved for 30 years and they didn't want to lose her, so we all pitch in," said Neil Thiessen, who lives about a block away.

Theissen calls Walsh his adopted mother, and it’s a sentiment the whole community shares. It's why they helped paint her home earlier this fall.

"They said to me, 'well you know your house needs painting, what colour would you like it?' I said, 'um, blue and gold'," said Walsh.

It's those colours Walsh will proudly wear at this year's Grey Cup in Winnipeg.

She’ll be in the stands with her son and daughter who are both live outside the city.

Walsh said she supports the Bombers unconditionally, win or lose, and said it’s similar support from her neighbours that keeps her going to games.