The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is teaming up with one of the province's first health care providers to provide care to older adults who are aggressive.

There will be 18 new beds in the Grey Nuns' Actionmarguerite in the heart of St. Boniface.

The building, formerly known as the Tache Centre, will have nine beds for older adults who are challenging or aggressive and nine beds for residents who have had a brain injury as an adult.

“All of these new construction projects are adding more specialized spaces for individuals with complex behavioural needs,”said Health Minister Sharon Blady. “Knowing too that this is a place that has its origins and a bilingual capacity; all of these things…is just wonderful.”

Thursday’s announcement is part of the implementation of recommendations from the inquest into the death of Frank Alexander.

Alexander died after being assaulted by a fellow care home resident in 2011.