The province unveiled a new concept design for the south Perimeter Highway on Friday, as part of a study focused on improving the efficiency of the city’s perimeter roads.

The new design would see a reconstruction of all four lanes, which would then be expanded to six lanes in the future, from Portage Avenue to Fermor Avenue. Traffic lights would be eliminated with interchanges, and multiple overpasses would be built to allow drivers to avoid rail crossings.

The province says these changes could potentially increase the efficiency of the road by decreasing commute time and improving safety.

The concept was revealed to the public on Friday, to get feedback on the potential changes.

Arnold Stahl drives his motorcycle on the south Perimeter every day during the summer. He says he approves of the concept, if it means cutting down on the amount of traffic.

“The traffic is very bad. I would say from one to 10, I would give it a 10,” explained Stahl. “You can see road rage more and more.”

“It’s dangerous.”

Toban Dyck also frequents the perimeter in his truck. He says the change could be good, but he worries about the cost.

“Do we need that? Well it wouldn’t hurt to get me home faster, “said Dyck. “But it depends on the cost.”

The province says that there is currently no cost estimates attached to the new design, as they are still considering their options.

A smaller scale plan under the previous NDP government was estimated to cost up to $800 million.

“I think there are a lot of other things they could work on with that kind of money,” said Dyck.

Part of the study will also look at a design for a new bypass around St. Norbert.