WINNIPEG -- New data released by the Manitoba government is showing the extent of COVID-19’s spread in Manitoba.

The data, released on Tuesday, is based on data from Manitoba Epidemiology and Surveillance. The department has been monitoring the intensity, characteristics, and geographical spread of cases and contacts of COVID-19, as well as the transmission of the virus among different populations.

According to data out of the Government of Manitoba, the origin of 11 per cent of the province’s COVID-19 cases is unknown.

The numbers show the largest source of exposure to the virus is travel (47.1 per cent), with 41.5 per cent of cases coming from close contact with people who already have COVID-19.

The province said the goal is to understand the virus within a respiratory context and provide an overview of COVID-19 cases and contacts.

The data shows that for Manitobans, the most common symptom is a cough, with nearly 71 per cent of people reporting symptoms. 

More than 40 per cent of people also reported headaches, fevers, chills, and muscle pains.

As for those with a higher risk of severe outcomes from the virus, the province saw four pregnant individuals contract the virus. A total of 34 health-care workers have also contracted COVID-19, as well as multiple people with underlying health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma. 

The numbers show that over 90 per cent of people with COVID-19 in the province who were hospitalized have some type of chronic condition.

To date, there have been 290 cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba, as well as seven deaths. There have been three outbreaks in Manitoba, including one at a long-term care facility, according to the report.

The data is published every Monday at 10 a.m. This week's data includes information up to May 15.

The next set of data will be released on May 25.