WINNIPEG -- Legendary children’s music performer Fred Penner is sharing new details about his life and career in a new documentary.

‘Fred Penner: This is My World’ begins in 1946 when the entertainer was born and shows how he came to be the person he is today.

“It goes pretty deep on a lot of the topics, the things that I had experienced and gone through,” Penner said, noting the documentary features his brother and sister.

He said his videographer has been working with him for many years, gathering photos and videos, and the documentary features a lot of footage from throughout his decades-long career.

The children’s performer said he’s already ready for a second part of the documentary, because “there’s so much that’s happened in the last year.”

Penner added that he and his wife bought a property out on Vancouver Island, and he’d want to share more about that and life during the pandemic.

“There’s lots about that, that’d I’d like to share as well of how incredible it is being out here with the person you love and just building a life of nine months’ worth that we’ve never had the opportunity to do before,” he said.


Penner said the COVID-19 pandemic is the longest time he’s been off the road in multiple decades.

“It’s as close to retirement as I’ve been,” he said.

Penner noted he’s been using the pandemic to become a better guitar player, as every evening he sits by the fireplace with his wife, gets out his guitar, and starts playing.

“It’s been opening up a whole new channel of chord progression and dexterity and I’m feeling very good about my musical path, which I’m hoping as far as the future is concerned will lead to a new album, certainly new music to go online,” he said.

- With files from CTV’s Nicole Dube.