The Manitoba government has tabled its legislation to regulate the sale of Cannabis. 

It has set the minimum age to buy marijuana at 19 years of age.  

"By setting the legal minimum purchase recreational use of cannabis at 19 years of age, the Manitoba government has demonstrated its commitment to safe and healthy school communities students can continue to grow and learn through to graduation," said Ken Cameron, president of the Manitoba School Boards Association in a release.

Similar to alcohol, it will be an offence to provide pot to a young person, and for a young person to possess it.  And much like liquor, it will be against the law to provide cannabis to an intoxicated person. 

People will not be allowed to grow marijuana at home under this legislation.  People found with one to four plants would be guilty of a provincial offence, and possibly subject to a fine. 

Federal legislation would allow for people to grow up to four plants for recreational use. However, Ottawa's legislation does allow provinces to set stricter rules.

Medical marijuana users are exempt from this provision.  The Manitoba framework exists separately from the federal medical cannabis system.

Punishment for offences under the soon to be renamed Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Act have been increased. 

A corporation faces a $500,000 fine for offences such as selling product from an unlicensed producer, or selling as an unlicensed retailer. 

Like liquor and gaming, enforcement will be done by police and by inspectors appointed under the act.

Municipalities who wish to prohibit the retail sale of marijuana will be able to do so. 

The Act requires a plebiscite to be held.  It can be triggered by council resolution, or by a petition signed by 20 per cent of electors.