With app-based food delivery services taking off in popularity, it was only a matter of time until someone applied the methods to the sale of cannabis.

A new service called ‘Super Anytime’ will roll out in Manitoba later this fall to provide pot purchasers with what the service’s founders call a seamless and fully compliant experience. 

Past experience

Super Anytime founders Ian Delves and Michael Kniazeff already have experience connecting purchasers with retailers through their ‘Boozer’ app, which provides customers with a ‘Skip the Dishes’ approach to alcohol purchasing in downtown Toronto and Vancouver.

Kniazeff said Manitoba’s cannabis regulations allow customers to pay for purchases online. 

He said the technology behind the Boozer app was easy to adapt to Manitoba cannabis regulations and to the local market. 

“This provides the customer with a fully integrated, and legally compliant service,” Kniazeff says. 

How the app works 

Super Anytime users will see lists of retailers based on their location. 

Customers can browse retailers’ product selections and once they’ve decided they can check out directly on the retailers’ site. 

Super Anytime will ensure the delivery is completed using Canada Post, Purolator or the Pineapple Express cannabis delivery service. 

A clean shopping experience

Delves says his company’s service provides a clean shopping experience. 

He says the market research they’ve done before launching Super Anytime was derived from customer usage patterns they observed with their Boozer app

“People suffering from injuries, people with mobility issues or disabilities, even customers looking to restock during a party are potential Super Anytime customers,” Delves says. 

Delves says the name Super Anytime was chosen with careful consideration to naming and advertising restrictions placed on cannabis sales at the provincial level. 

He says the word “super” suggests “above and beyond service” as he called it. 

Delves and Kniazeff are both critical of the black market for cannabis and said their service will go a long way toward reducing its appeal.

(This version corrects spelling of the name Kniazeff.)