WINNIPEG -- A new documentary series is following a Manitoba race car driver as he shifts gears and takes on the big leagues.

The show called ‘Going Pro SRO America’ follows racer and television producer Damon Surzyshyn as he takes the step to become a professional race car driver.

Surzyshyn, a sports car driver, got started with the sport with the Winnipeg Sports Car Club and from there he fell in love with ice racing and road racing.

“I did that for many, many years with the Winnipeg Sports Car Club and it was a really great way to get started in racing and build the experience level necessary to make the jump to the next level,” he said.

Then, a couple of years ago, he started to make ice-racing videos for YouTube. He said he was compelled to do this because the sport is so unique, particularly to those outside of Canada.

“So it made for some pretty compelling (video), what started out as a YouTube series, and then the TV station in Canada that focuses on motorsports picked it up and we actually turned that YouTube series into TV half-hour (episodes),” Surzyshyn said.

The television show, called ‘Grassroots Racing,’ was a success and aired across North America.

It also started garnering attention for the Canadian race car driver.

“It really got me some attention in the professional ranks,” Surzyshyn said.

“I’d done a few world challenge races, one in 2014 and one in 2017, and knew some of the teams, some of the team bosses.”

He said some of these bosses were interested in what a documentary series about pro-racing would look like.

Surzyshyn eventually signed with professional racing team TechSport Racing for two seasons in a series called SRO TC America. He raced in a Subaru BRZ, which had been highly modified for the sport.

“(I was) racing all across the greatest tracks in the United States,” he said.

Surzyshyn’s foray into professional racing and his quest to win the championship will be covered throughout ‘Going Pro SRO America.’

Surzyshyn said the show was picked up by CBS Sports Network, noting that he is working on other Canadian distribution options for when the rights with CBS expire.

- With files from CTV’s Nicole Dube.