A National Hockey League linesman and former Winnipegger has reached out to a young Manitoba hockey referee who was allegedly attacked during a game last month in Stonewall.

“He’s not alone,” Vaughan Rody told CTV News during a Skype interview from his home in Seattle.

Rody has officiated more than 800 games in the NHL. He sent an email to the 18-year-old linesman, Scott Miskiewicz, saying the young official has the support of all referees – including those in the NHL.

The incident left Miskiewicz second-guessing his refereeing career.

Rody wants to encourage the young man to stay in the game.

"It's a marathon, this career,” said Rody. “It's not just defined by one incident and I wanted him to realize and understand that there's going to be so many great things that happen for him, let's not just let this one incident leave such a bad taste in his mouth that he's going to decide to pack it up."

The incident is still under investigation by Hockey Manitoba.

Miskiewicz told CTV News it means a lot to receive support from an NHL official. He says he plans to keep officiating hockey.


Full letter from Vaughan Rody to Scott Miskiewicz

Hello Scott

First of all I just want to say, I'm sorry you had to endure what you did last week. It’s unfortunate that anyone has to go through that, I will say, by all reports you handled your business like a true professional and you should be commended on that.

My name is Vaughan Rody, I am an Official in the NHL, originally from Winnipeg, I received my start out of Winnipeg Minor and have remained loyal and proud of what our province is all about.

In the summer for the last 3 years I have brought my own Officials School back home as a way for aspiring young men and women to advance their career as well as learn this great craft. Our camp is in June, I have attached a Flyer, I would very much like to offer you a free spot in it if you so desire.

This occupation is amazing Scott, it is filled with many wonderful opportunities. My hope is you do not allow this to deter you of Officiating.

We lose 10,000 great young men and woman a year due to abuse.

We need solid young men like yourself to see it through.

My own career was not without altercations, but as I look back now, those situations developed my passion for this game.

Our crests maybe different colors Scott, but make NO mistake 66 National Hockey League Officials plus every man or women working Amateur Hockey is supporting you right now.

Please pass this along to your parents so you may get their blessing if you so wish to attend.

We would be honored to have you.

If you feel like just talking, please call me on my personal line.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care

Vaughan Rody