The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba has determined no charges will be laid against any officers involved in a shooting that ended in the death of 24-year-old Mark Dicesare.

The IIU of Manitoba called this probe its most extensive to date. The unit's complete report can be read here.

Dicesare lead officers of the Winnipeg Police Service on a chase through the city in November of 2015 that lasted at least 22 kilometres.

The IIU said Discesare drove toward a police cruiser and pointed a gun that an RCMP firearms expert concluded, "looks just like an Uzi." After a lengthy pursuit, his white Audi ended up on a field near Grant Avenue and Kenaston Boulevard. He was surrounded by 19 police vehicles, and exited his vehicle twice with a firearm under his chin.

The IIU said when he pointed the firearm towards police, five officers fired at the man, causing his death.

The unit said 38 police officers and 96 civilian witnesses were identified and interviewed. The IIU also conducted an examination of the shooting scene, an autopsy report and toxicology report.

InvestigatorS said a conversation captured on 911 reveals the man said he wanted to end his life by having police shoot him. During the 32 minute recording, the man was asked 33 times by the operator and police to drop his weapon and surrender prior to the shooting.

"The actions of the subject officers were justified and unavoidable, and no charges should be laid against any officer,” said IIU Civilian Director Zane Tessler.

Tessler said Dicesare's actions are consistent with a person who intended on taking his own life, and wished a police shooting to accomplish that purpose.

"When faced with such a scenario, it would be unreasonable for police to wait before acting. Any delay could have led to the death of WPS officers."

Winnipeg Police Service Chief Danny Smyth said he is reviewing the IIU's report.

"I want to acknowledge the challenging situation our officers and support staff found themselves in during this traumatic incident. No member of the Winnipeg Police Service wants to be confronted with such a violent situation, and no member would ever take lightly the burden of having to take another life," Smyth said in a statement.

"I appreciate the job done by our officers to limit further injury. I also want to extend my sympathies to the family of the young man who lost his life. I would also like to acknowledge the impact this had on our community, and assure the public that their safety is always the most important consideration for our officers."