An RCMP officer who shot a man near Portage la Prairie on June 27, 2017 following a chase will not be charged, the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba said Friday.

The unit, responsible for investigating all serious incidents involving police in Manitoba, was tasked with determining whether the shooting was reasonable and justified.

At the time, Mounties said the shooting happened while the man was being arrested following a chase that began while officers were investigating a report of a stolen car with multiple guns inside. After being shot, he was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators allege the suspect had fired shots while stealing a vehicle in Headingley prior to the chase, and the IIU said when officers caught up to the car, colliding with it, the suspect ran away, and was later spotted hitchhiking and chased into a potato field.

That’s where it’s alleged the suspect refused demands to show his hands, and looked like he was reaching for his waistband, and was shot in the buttocks, the IIU said.

IIU civilian director Zane Tessler noted the officer who fired shots believed the suspect intended to shoot as well, and found the officer’s action was reasonable.

The suspect is facing charges in connection with the incident that have not yet been dealt with in court.