The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba said two officers who shot a suspect in St. Boniface in July will not be charged.

The suspect was seriously injured as a result, shot in the right hip, leg and foot.

The IIU said it happened on July 24, 2017, after police responded to home invasion being carried out by a man with a gun reported on La Verendrye Street.

Police chased a suspect vehicle by car, and then on foot along Archibald Street, and the IIU said the suspect was only pumping his left arm as he ran, with the right held by his side, and when he turned his body and pointed with the arm that, two officers shot him.

The IIU said at the time, police found brass knuckles near where the suspect was shot, but no handgun.

Following the shooting, the IIU asked witnesses to come forward.

On Thursday it said it interviewed 16 officers, as well as civilians, who were witnesses, and reviewed security footage.

The IIU said its civilian director Zane Tessler noted in his report that police believed the suspect they were chasing had a gun, was involved in a home invasion, refused to stop and surrender, and looked like he was reaching “for his waistband as he turned and made a gesture as if to aim a gun.” Tessler concluded the shooting was a reasonable measure to prevent the deaths of officers and civilians.

You can read the full report into the shooting in the IIU’s website.

The Independent Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating all serious incidents involving Manitoba police, whether they occurred on or off duty