Winnipeg police have now spoken with the woman they hoped would aid in their investigation into Thelma Krull’s disappearance, but no new information has been brought forward.

On Monday, the one year anniversary of Krull’s disappearance, police released surveillance photos of a woman wearing a purple tank top, white hat and sunglasses. The woman was observed walking in the area of Civic Park on July 11, 2015, the day Krull went missing. Surveillance video showed Krull walking in the same area.

Investigators asked for the public’s help identifying the woman from the photos in hopes of speaking to her. Police say they have now done so, and no new information has come to light as a result.

Investigators also said Monday they want to speak with a man and a woman observed at around 8 a.m. near Civic Park. Satellite images show the area where they were seen. Police described the pair as being in their thirties.

Sgt. Rommel said these people may be witnesses who might be able to help determine what happened to Krull.

“Something extremely subtle can help us understand who was where, when and at what time, what was heard, what wasn’t heard. All of those details are very important,” said Sgt. Rommel.

Even though the homicide unit is involved, Krull’s disappearance is still being treated as a missing persons case, police said.

Homicide detective Sgt. Wes Rommel said Monday investigators believe Krull experienced some type of distress in the area known as Civic Park in the Valley Gardens area when she arrived at the location at 8 a.m..

“It is our belief that this distress was as a result of either a medical situation she experienced or an encounter and ultimate abduction by an unknown individual,” said Sgt. Rommel.

“Our belief is based on evidence we’ve gathered including evidence located at Civic Park.”

That evidence includes the recovery of Krull’s glasses, as investigators previously released last summer. On Monday morning, Sgt. Rommel also revealed that police found her cellphone in Civic Park area at around the same time, but decided to withhold releasing that information until now.

Sgt. Rommel said the information wasn’t released publically for a reason.

“This investigation is unfolding with a couple of goals in mind. One is to find Thelma, wherever she may be. Another is, should this result in a criminal investigation, to build a case to make sure that it’s defensible in court, that we’re able to prosecute a person should that happen in the future, and that’s something we’re always alert to.”

“Those decisions are not easy.”

Sgt. Rommel said the phone has been put through a “forensic audit.”

“I’m not going to comment on what we’re learning from that phone, but definitely it’s an extremely valuable source of information.”

It’s been a painful and agonizing year for the Krull family. Krull’s daughter and husband spoke Monday during the police update on the investigation.

“I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t already been said,” said Krull’s daughter Lisa Besser.

“A year ago our lives were completely turned around and changed. Somebody closest to me disappeared. A whole year has passed, and we still have no idea what happened or why.”

Besser said there’s been no closure for the family, only “wonder, confusion and anger.”

“People don’t just disappear,” said Besser. “I think it’s impossible that there’s absolutely nobody out there who can tell us what happened and that’s we need.”

“We just want answers and whoever you are, just please let us know.”

Krull’s husband, Robert also made a plea for answers.

“The only thing I want to say is please someone help us. Help bring Thelma home,” said Robert.

Krull is described as five feet four inches (162 centimetres) tall, about 170 pounds with short, dyed blonde hair and a purple streak. She was last seen wearing a reddish-orange t-shirt, Capri style pants, a black fanny pants, and tan or brown hiking boots.

Anyone with information is asked to contact investigators at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477.