It’s a lot easier for hundreds of Manitobans to get a quick coffee on the go – a luxury not afforded to them until Monday.

Tim Hortons opened its first location in Oxford House, a fly-in-only community about 1,000 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

Oxford House Chief Timothy Muskego said the opening is a positive for the community.

 “Wherever I go, I usually see line ups of 15 cars,” said Muskego. “It’s good to have here too.”

Hundreds came out to celebrate the opening, part of the Northwest Company’s brand new shopping facility in the community.

“We try to bring the best to the north that we can find in the south,” said Northwest Company CEO Edward Kennedy. “We listen to what the community’s needs are and in this case Tim Hortons was identified.”

Tim Hortons was brewed for the first time for northern Canadians in 2010 in Iqaluit. Now, Oxford House’s location is the first in a fly-in-only community.

“To see the response from people and how much Tim Hortons means to them is special to us,” said Bridget Miller, the director of new business development in Canada for Tim Hortons.

The company handed out thousands of free mugs and poured over 100 litres of coffee Monday.

Even non-coffee drinkers were eager to check out the location.

“I’m not a big coffee drinker, but for Timmies I will,” said Victor Grieves, an Oxford House resident.

Tim Hortons also managed to hold prices relatively close to what they are in Winnipeg. A small Tim Hortons coffee in Winnipeg costs $1.40. In Oxford House, a small coffee will run customers $1.62.

Similarly, a donut costs $0.95 in Winnipeg and in Oxford House it rings in at $0.99.

Miller said Tim Hortons can keep costs low for the community by partnering with Northwest Company.

“They have regular shipments,” said Miller. “With the partnership we can bring the products here regularly.”

Tim Hortons will employ three people to man the counter during store hours.