WINNIPEG -- A reminder for all you bargain hunters out there the Winnipeg Police unclaimed goods auction is ongoing and you have until Wednesday to get your bids in.

If you’re in the market for an electrofusion processor to join some pipe but are worried it might make your hair a little frizzy, you’re in luck, because you could also buy a hair straightener.

They are among the 326 item up for grabs through the Associated Auto Auction.

The event, that usually draws crowds, has gone online this year because of the pandemic.

Up for sale is the usual assortment of tools, bikes and cameras with a couple of noteworthy additions.

Listed is 11 boxes of sandwich bags, good of course, for packing lunches.

And then for the office worker there is “various office supplies in plastic bag.”More details on the items or to place a bid when the auction opens you can go online.