WINNIPEG -- An off-duty Winnipeg police officer won’t be charged in connection with a boating incident in August 2019, which resulted in a child needing stitches, according to Manitoba’s police watchdog.

The Independent Investigation said that on Aug. 3 the officer was driving a Sea-Doo in the lake at Lac Du Bonnet, pulling a tube with three kids on it, when a boat went between the Sea-Doo and the tube. This resulted in the rope entangling with the boat’s propeller.

As a result of the incident, an eight-year-old child received a head injury and eight stitches.

The IIU interviewed the officer, the boater and two nearby witnesses, and determined the officer was not at fault.

The IIU also noted the driver of the boat was trying to deflect responsibility for the accident from himself onto the officer.

The RCMP is still investigating the accident and it isn’t known yet if charges will be laid.