The Independent Investigation Unit has concluded that an officer will not be charged after being accused of assault by a suspect.

The unit, responsible for investigating all serious incident involving police officers, said Wednesday that it found evidence that conflicted with allegations.

The IIU said it began investigating after the suspect alleged that after being questioned in an interview room at WPS headquarters last May, he was hit in the nose and eye by an officer, pushed out a door and into the street.

He was then picked up by friends and taken to hospital where he was told he had a broken nose.

The IIU said they reviewed video from both inside and outside the headquarters along with medical reports from two Winnipeg hospitals where the man had x-rays taken.

The final report acknowledged the facial injury, but it said the medical reports did not align with the severity of the beating that the man described. The report also noted the evidence gathered conflicted with many of the allegations.

The IIU said the man is currently before the courts on unrelated charges. The complete report will be posted online after those charges are dealt with.