Police continue to comb through one of the neighbourhoods where alleged serial killer Shawn Lamb previously lived. Lamb was charged in connection with three murders on June 25. 

Winnipeg police continued to search  the area near Lamb’s old apartment Friday. For the second day in a row, teams of officers accompanied by search dogs slowly moved through back lanes and yards, looking for the body of Tanya Nepinak, who went missing in September 2011.

Police believe Tanya was murdered, and they have charged Lamb in connection with her death. So far, though, officers have not found Tanya’s body.

Officers also worked inside Lamb’s old apartment building Friday, searching for more information about where Tanya might be.

Tanya’s family has taken up their own search and say they have information about where her body may be.

Gail Nepinak, Tanya’s’s sister, said one of her other sisters has known Lamb for the past 15 years.

“He brought up that conversation of, ‘Oh, I know where your sister is and if you want me to go show you, I’ll show you,’ “ said Gail.

Gail insists Lamb told their sister Tanya was hidden near water and a bridge, two months after she disappeared.

Others who knew Tanya said Lamb had even more contact with the family. Chief Terry Nelson said Lamb made an appearance at a vigil for murder victim Carolyn Sinclair – a woman he is now charged with killing.

“He was introduced to me. I shook his hand, and I’m not sure what he did with the family, but I’m almost certain that he shook the hand of the families,” said Nelson.

Tanya’s family is now trying to follow up on the information they said Lamb gave them, searching river banks and bridges.

“I want my sister found. I want us to be at peace. I want us to get our closure now,” said Gail.

Tanya’s family said they will now burn her clothing as a cultural way of releasing her spirit. They hope by letting go, they may finally find her body.

Tanya’s family has planned a vigil for the woman on June 30 at 7 p.m. in Memorial Park.