Two Winnipeg police officers have been found not guilty on all counts in connection with the shooting of Kristofer Fournier in 2007.

Constables Darrel Selley and Kristopher Overwater were charged after an incident in which they were led on a high-speed chase that ended in River Heights. When officers caught up with Fournier, he was shot in the buttocks.

During the trial, Fournier denied trying to grab a police officer’s weapon and told the court he didn’t deserve to be shot.

Overwater faced three charges, while Selley faced six, including attempted murder.

The courtroom was very emotional on Friday as the verdict was handed down. Family members hugged one another.

For the last year, the officers have been suspended without pay. The Crown said it wasn’t likely to appeal the case.

Fournier was arrested after testifying in the case for an alleged breach of a court order.