Film crews turned their cameras and spotlight on the Manitoba Legislative Building Sunday morning to shoot a portion of the Jack Layton biopic.

The film, titled Smilin’ Jack: The Jack Layton Story, tells the story of former New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton’s life.

The movie features Canadian actor Rick Roberts as Jack Layton and Sook-Yin Lee as Olivia Chow. 

Chow herself was also on set Sunday, acting as an advisor. She lent clothing and items that previously belonged to Layton to the production to help in the film’s portrayal of her husband.

"I havent seen this kind of attachment between a political figure and Canadians," said Laszlo Barna, the executive producer of the movie.

"I don't think as a nation we said goodbye. He was okay, then he was sick, then he was buried," said Barna. "So there was a lot of emotion that needed to be released."

Layton was the Official Leader of the Opposition for the NDP when he passed away in August 2011.

Shooting on the movie was expected to continue in Winnipeg until Aug. 28.