A Winnipeg start-up flower company is moving away from the traditional floral favourite for Valentine’s Day — a bouquet of roses.

Online company Callia says other flowers have greater staying power.

Callia has been operating for just under two years.

While the company does include a few roses in their arrangements, they are hoping to persuade consumers to consider alternate options.

“We only do three bouquets at a time based on what’s in season,” said owner Catherine Metrycki. “Each of those is a beautiful mix of a variety of flowers.”

Metrycki says you won’t see a dozen roses up for order on their website, because they want their customers enjoy something that will last longer.

“Lots of leucadendron, lots of eucalyptus, wax flower, real lavender that we have imported from Italy,” Metrycki said. “Our bouquets consistently last two, three, four weeks versus your traditional grocery store bouquet.”

Callia’s head office is located in the Exchange District, but it delivers floral arrangements all over western Canada.