WINNIPEG -- The ousted former executive director of the Bear Clan Patrol is back on the community group's board of directors following a vote Tuesday evening.

In a post on Facebook Tuesday evening, following its Annual General Meeting, The Bear Clan Patrol announced James Favel had been voted back onto the volunteer board of directors with 73 votes, the highest number of votes of any candidate.

Favel was ousted from the organization he co-founded back in July, previously telling CTV News he had been treated unfairly, and the decision to remove him as executive director, which is a paid position, had been an overreach.

CTV News has reached out to Favel for comment on the election.

As the feud between Favel and the Bear Clan Patrol grew, the board of directors released a statement alleging Favel had made false accusations.

It said "serious human resources issues" had come to light, and they were among the reasons for his dismissal.

According to the board, a staff member filed a complaint against Favel, prompting a Manitoba Workplace Health and Safety investigation, a complaint Favel said was frivolous and added he had never acted like a bully at work.

After Favel had been removed as executive director, more than 3,800 people signed a petition calling for him to be re-instated.

While he was not re-instated, Favel was able to renew his Bear Clan Patrol membership and enter the race for the elected board of directors.

"We would like to congratulate those that were elected, and our sincere thanks to those who were nominated for their support," the Bear Clan Patrol said in a post on Facebook Tuesday evening.

The other members voted onto the board of directors include Linda Campbell with 65 votes, Mario Cueto with 63 votes, John Drabble with 61 votes, and Gerry Shingoose with 46 votes.

The Bear Clan Patrol said the board of directors will meet in the coming days.

CTV News has reached out to the Bear Clan Patrol for comment.