An intense thunderstorm hit Southern Manitoba hard Friday night – knocking out power on several streets and caving in the room of a North End apartment building.

An apartment building on Aikins Street and Atlantic Avenue had to be evacuated after the storm caved in the roof.

No one was hurt, but tenants were forced outside to wait in temporary-shelter busses.

"The alarm went off. We all rushed out and then I started looking back and there was a U-shape broken into (the roof)," said Dillon Schoubye who was forced out of his apartment by the collapse.

"Everything got shut off," Schoubye said.

The four-storey apartment building will now have to be repaired before tenants can return to their units.

Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm warning across the southern part of the province Friday evening. The storm hit Winnipeg shortly after 6 p.m. bringing thunder, lightning, hail and heavy winds with it.

The downpour flooded streets and reduced visibility, slowing traffic significantly in many areas of the city.

Power was knocked out to several street and traffic lights as a result of the storm.