Cynthia Brick, who operated Brick’s Fine Furniture for nearly 50 years, died unexpectedly on July 13.

“It wasn’t one thing, it was a combination of things,” said Marsha Brick, Cynthia’s daughter.

Cynthia, who turned 78 in May, had been selling designer pieces since 1969.

“My mother's idea on a holiday is visiting furniture stores to check out what they have," said Marsha in a 2015 interview.

Marsha said the store is going to stay open, despite reports from three years ago that it was shutting down. The family is going to continue running the store.

Over 30 years ago, the furniture store made national headlines when a much larger store with the same name moved to Winnipeg - The Brick.

In 1987, Marsha said her parents received a letter from The Brick telling them to stop using the name or they would take them to court. Five years and nearly $190,000 in legal costs later, Brick's Fine Furniture won, because The Brick tried to register its name in Manitoba after their Winnipeg store has opened.

"My mother always said, 'you only leave this world with your good name,' and it was very important to protect your name, that's why they fought so hard to keep it," Marsha said.