WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg police said Wednesday its officers have been involved in an ongoing investigation over repeated incidents of shots being fired at a home on Pacific Avenue.

Police said the single-family home in the 1900 block of Pacific Avenue has been targeted by gunfire several times between November 2019 and mid-January 2020.

Const. Rob Carver said these shootings have happened at various times including in the early morning and evening hours.

Police believe all the incidents are related. Investigators are asking residents in the area for help and to check any surveillance video they might have and report any suspicious activity they may have seen during that time.

If anyone has information they can call police at 204-986-6219 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477.

Carver stressed the importance of getting tips from the public, saying many cases have gone forward because of help from the public. He said any little bit of information could be helpful.

Carver didn't say exactly why these shootings are happening, but said shootings like this usually have gang connections.

"Almost every single instance where we have a shooting that occurs in public there are gang connections or gang undertones," said Carver. "We just don't see examples of people taking firearms and publicly discharging them, where there isn't a gang connection somehow."