Call it the politics of pot.

Police raided Winnipeg's only medical marijuana shop this summer because it's illegal to sell pot from a storefront.

Now, two city councillors say it's time to lay out some ground rules for where pot can be sold.

Ross Eadie and Matt Allard tabled a motion at city council Wednesday calling on the city to regulate the sale of marijuana.

Eadie said it's only a matter of time before marijuana is legalized, so Winnipeg might as well set out some laws, limiting where the product can be offered to keep it away from children.

"We as a city can't keep our heads buried in the sand, we really need to establish some rules like they have in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto," said Eadie

Eadie might be right.

Tom Mulcair and the NDP vow to decriminalize it, while Liberal leader Justin Trudeau reiterated a pledge to legalize pot and regulate the sale. If elected, Trudeau said it would be one of his first orders of business.

"We are going to get working on it right away," said Trudeau on Wednesday.

The conservatives, however, oppose legalization. On the issue, Tory candidate Julian Fantino released this statement:

"This is simply wrong, and puts the health and safety of our children and communities at risk," said Fantino.

Eadie and Allard’s motion will be voted on by a committee of councillors to determine if city administrators should study the idea.