Parents at Westdale School were asked to be vigilant after a report of a suspicious male Tuesday night seen with a gun.

In a note sent to parents, Pembina Trails School Division advised that a man in a black and grey pickup truck was seen near the school around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday.

The Ford F-150 had been at the corner of Betsworth Avenue and Cullen Drive, about half a block away from the school.

The school division said a man in his 20s got out of the vehicle, approached two students, offered them drugs, demanded money and displayed a gun.

“The students reported it to the school the next morning,” said Pembina Trails Superintendent Ted Fransen.

The school division said no one was hurt and police were notified.

Debbie Heck is a parent at the school.

"You know, this is a junior high school. You don't think that something like this is going to happen here so close to home,” said Heck.

Students weren’t notified about the incident by the school until Thursday afternoon.

The school board asked parents to bring it up with their kids - a decision Arlene Scott, whose young daughter attends Westdale, said was best.

“I think that was a good way to handle it, because my daughter is in Grade 8 here, so I just didn't want to scare her. I would prefer for me to speak to her,” said Scott.