Certain downtown and Exchange District parking meters will see rates double, increasing to $2 per hour, beginning Nov. 13 in Winnipeg. 

In addition to the hike, there is a maximum parking time of two hours at a meter. The time limit is aimed at keeping downtown workers from plugging meters.

"You want to generate turnover. The street is for short-term use only," said Colin Stewart from the Winnipeg Parking Authority.

Some downtown businesses, such as Helene's Bridal Salon, find the new rule frustrating and worry about its impact on customers who require more time.

"In terms of the time spent in our store, it affects where they park and that's on the street. And that two-hour limit in our world is short," said Joanne Clark from the bridal salon.

The Downtown Biz wants long-term parkers to know there are options other than the street.

"Encourage people to park in parkades or parking lots by pricing it at competitive levels," said Stefano Grande from the Downtown Biz.

Also underway is the move to upgrade all the city's 631 meters to accept new $1 and $2 coins.

“We worked with the service provider to find the most cost effective way for Winnipeg. We're doing that both with the price and the coin accepters at the same time,” said Stewart.

The upgrade is expected to take four weeks to complete.

Street parking in downtown Winnipeg still comes in lower than levels in other major centres, with Torontonians paying $4 per hour while rates run between $4 and $5 per hour in Calgary.

The more expensive parking meters in Winnipeg will be indicated by a bright green sticker.