This spring's flood has hit First Nations in Manitoba particularly hard. Of the 2000 flood evacuees 1300 hundred are from reserves and of the 300 homes damaged, about 140 are in Peguis.

As of Sunday 70 per cent of the community, located about 190 km north of Winnipeg, was covered in water.

On Wednesday officials issued an emergency evacuation and within hours 740 people were gone.

Many of their homes were not sandbagged.

"Either we need to build a dyke or a floodway around the river," Chief Glenn Hudson told CTV News.

But he says building that kind of infrastructure is difficult because First Nations are a federal responsibility.

"When it comes to paying for the issue they don't seem to step up in a timely fashion and it's frustrating," he said.

Hudson says so far this year the flood will cost his reserve about $3 million. He believes building a dyke would cost $90 million.

For now his community is just trying to make do.

The nearby Fisher and Icelandic Rivers have crested, but flooding is not expected to ease until late next week.