WINNIPEG -- The City of Winnipeg says a person who recently tested positive for COVID-19 rode on two Winnipeg Transit buses over two days last week.

According to a bulletin from the city and the province, the individual was on the bus on September 23 and 24. The person rode on Transit route #10, getting on the bus at the stop at Provencher Boulevard and Rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste. The person exited the bus at Portage Avenue and Donald Street, and then transferred to a Route #14 bus, exiting at Ellice Avenue at Simcoe Street.

On both days, the individual travelled between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.

"Winnipeg Transit is in the process of identifying and notifying Operators who were driving the route at those times and appropriate follow-up measures are being taken," a statement from the city said Friday afternoon.

If people are showing symptoms of COVID-19, they're advised to get tested as soon as possible.

Masks became mandatory for all passengers on buses in August.