WINNIPEG -- A person, who has since tested positive for COVID-19, rode Winnipeg Transit buses on two occasions in September.

According to the City of Winnipeg, the infected individual took Route 47 between 11:32 a.m. and 12:10 p.m. on Sept. 12. The passenger got on the bus at Mayfair Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Way and got off at Kildare Avenue West and Kootenay Crescent.

On Sept. 13, this same person took Route 47 from 9:45 p.m. to 10:20 p.m. They got on the bus at Plessis Road and Rosseau Avenue West and got off at Mayfair Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Way.

Winnipeg Transit is in the process of identifying the bus drivers who were driving the routes during these times and will take the appropriate follow-up measures.

The city noted Winnipeg Transit has taken several safety precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19, such as making masks mandatory, and enhanced sanitization of buses.

Winnipeg Transit passengers are reminded to:

  • Maintain a reasonable distance from others;
  • Practice good hand hygiene;
  • Be kind to those who aren’t wearing a mask;
  • Exit the bus at the back door if possible;
  • Try taking the bus in off-peak hours when they can;
  • Stay off of buses where there isn’t enough room to distance;
  • Stay back from the shields that are covering bus drivers;
  • Stay off public transit if they are sick.

The city urges anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to get tested as soon as possible.

People can pick up single-use masks at Winnipeg Transit Customer Service Centres.