A photo of Mayor Sam Katz posing with former gang members, some of who still have drug charges before the courts, has some inquiring about it.

Katz acknowledges some people are questioning the photo.

One of the men in the picture, Roger Sanderson, was convicted twice for a triple homicide on Semple Avenue but was later acquitted. Sanderson, his brother Vince and a handful of ex-gang members have started a program called Off the Street. They say their hope is to get others out of gangs.

Both Sanderson brothers have lengthy criminal records. Currently, Roger Sanderson has 10 charges before the courts, including drug trafficking, but says gangs are no longer a part of his life.

Sanderson says he's not asking for people to trust them right away, but is asking for support from the city for Off the Street.

The mayor says he's not ready yet to commit the city to supporting the program.

Katz says he didn't know the Sanderson brothers were facing charges when the photo was taken. CTV News has also learned another man in the photo with Katz is wanted on a warrant for impaired driving in Alberta.

Katz also says he only posed for the photo because the police service asked him to do it.

Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill says the service is looking into the histories of some of the ex-gang members in the photo. McCaskill says a picture helps with background checks.

The police service will offer its opinion on whether or not the city should lend support to the Off the Street program but McCaskill wouldn't comment further on the nature of the photo.

The final decision on whether the city provides support for Off the Street rests with the mayor.

- with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley