WINNIPEG -- A man says he caught a photo radar enforcement officer driving while also using his phone near a construction zone in Winnipeg on Wednesday.

Shane Yaworski, an advocate for WiseUpWinnipeg, said he spotted the enforcement officer near Fermor Avenue and Lagimodiere Boulevard. Yaworski then brought out his sign, which tells people to slow down. He said after a little while the enforcement officer left, but came back a few minutes later.

“They like to do that right? Pretend they’re leaving, hope that I’ll leave and then come back and start enforcing again,” he said.

Yaworski said eventually the enforcement officer made a u-turn to leave, but he had a hunch the enforcement officer would try and take a picture of him.

“Because this happened before, I know he’s probably going to try to take a picture of me so I had my phone ready and as I’m walking back to my vehicle he literally stopped as the video shows, he picked out his phone, didn’t stop, driving along the highway to take a picture of me and continue on,” he said.

Yaworski notes the road he was on was a “wide-open stretch” and “there’s nothing unsafe” about the area.

“The speed limit should not be 60 as it’s posted, but there’s also signage missing as you come off of Lagimodiere to go east on Fermor. It doesn’t tell you that you’re entering a construction zone,” he said.

Yaworksi hopes his video will help shed light on what goes on. He said people who enforce the law should also abide by it.

“There is justice that needs to be served. This guy needs to be held accountable for his actions, just like any normal Joe on the street would of,” he said.

The Winnipeg Police Service told CTV News it’s aware of the video, but has yet to receive a report.

Manitoba drivers caught using a cellphone while behind the wheel face a $672 fine, a three-day licence suspension and five demerit points.