A photo tweeted by a Winnipeg Jet is stirring up controversy.

Early Wednesday morning, Evander Kane tweeted a photo of himself in Las Vegas holding stacks of cash, using one stack as a fake phone.

The tweet was directed at pro-boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., asking him to pick up the phone.

Some Jets fans tell CTV the tweet is insensitive and in poor taste, especially in the midst of the NHL lockout.

"Both sides are griping about money. It’s disconnected from the average person and it just reinforces they are really disconnected from reality of what everyone else goes through - poor taste, poor timing,” said Brad Gerrard, a Jets fan commenting on Kane’s photo.

“I just think it’s pretty disgusting, to be honest,” said Tasha Razella, another Jets fan.

While some fans called Kane’s photo insensitive, others said they were not upset by it.

“He’s rich and he’s happy. He’s enjoying it – so what,” said Chris Herda.

Some fans are frustrated by the lack of NHL games and businesses are also feeling an impact.

A recent report by debit and credit processor Moneris Solutions shows fast food businesses, restaurants and drinking establishments near NHL hockey arenas in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary have experienced a decrease of roughly 11 per cent in spending this year compared to on game days in 2011.

“This year, when you don’t have 15,000 people…40 nights of the year, there’s no question you’re seeing an impact,” said Chuck Davidson from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Staff members at 4Play Sports Bar in downtown Winnipeg said they’ve adjusted their business to attract people to come in to watch other sports.

True North, meanwhile, maintains that no staff members have lost jobs. While part-time employees aren’t working as many hours with the hockey lockout, other events have been added to the events calendar.

On the topic of the photo, CTV News didn't receive a call back from Kane on Wednesday.

There are reports, however, that he said the incident was a joke and wasn’t intended to offend anyone.

This isn’t the first time that Kane has been involved in a Twitter controversy. He previously battled reports that he didn’t pay restaurant and bar tabs. His coach and general manager admit to talking to him in the past about proper use of social media.