WINNIPEG -- The RCMP believes a Manitoba woman, who was found dead last year, was killed by someone she knew.

Bobbie Lynn Moose, 29, was found dead in Thompson, Man., just over a year ago on Oct. 17, 2019. Her family last saw her at the Walmart on Mystery Lake Road on Oct. 1, 2019.

In the months since Moose’s death, dozens of officers and employees have been working on the case to find out more about Moose’s time in Thompson.

“Her sister said that Bobbi was always looking for somebody to love her,” said Cpl. Morgan Page, lead investigator on the homicide, at a news conference on Monday, Oct. 19.

“This trust in others, her ability to make friends quickly and the need to be loved may have been seen as an opportunity by her killer.”

Page said police believe that Moose knew and trusted whoever is responsible for her death.

“Further, she may have been staying with the person or persons responsible for her death for a period of time before her body was located,” she said.

“This is why community involvement in this homicide investigation is so important.”

In connection with this investigation, Mounties have interviewed more than 300 people, and have sent pamphlets in both English and Cree to all the homes in Thompson and surrounding communities.

They’ve also put up a billboard, aired a plea on local radio stations, and sent out posters to be placed in high-traffic areas in Thompson and the surrounding communities.

On Monday, RCMP issued a public plea for more information.

“We continue to plead for information as to where Bobbie was, who she was with and what she was doing between the dates of October 1st and October 17th, 2019,” Page said.

“I can’t stress enough that we need help from the public to come forward with whatever information they may have. As a community we need to come together for Bobbie and her family and to ensure the person or persons responsible for her death are arrested and charged.”

Police ask anyone with information to call 204-677-6909.