Winnipeg police officers are canvassing residences in the Transcona area, as part of an ongoing effort to reduce crime in the neighborhood.

Officers have been going door to door, offering people tips on how to keep themselves and their homes safe.

Alba Di Diodato, who lives in Transcona, likes the idea.

"This is our city we should be…taking care of each other and do what is right so police doing this, I think personally, is very good," Di Diodato said.

Winnipeg police said it wants to make neighbours in Transcona aware of their surroundings and offered tips on ways to prevent being victimized by vandals.

Const. Angela Theriault went to dozens of homes and said people were happy to hear the tips she and other officers shared.

"Main tips are like strategies to keep them safe from break and enters, car theft, drug problems in the area, gang, bullying,” said Theriault

Officers plan on visiting other neighbourhoods in city in the coming months, and have already visited homes in River Heights and Elmwood.

One Transcona father, Kirk Peters, said police going door to door makes the community feel safer.

"It's good for our neighbourhood, since there's been lots of break and enters, people stealing cars all that stuff, so it's good," said Peters.