A Winnipeg grandmother has been missing for seven days and investigators are at a loss to explain her disappearance.

The homicide unit has now taken the lead in the Thelma Krull case but Winnipeg police are still treating it as a missing person investigation.

As the search for Krull, 57, continues, her husband Robert Krull remains positive, even though it's been a week since his wife disappeared.

"We know she's out there,” said Robert. “We want to get answers. Somebody knows something."

Winnipeg police hope two cyclists spotted near Valley Gardens Community Centre on Saturday can help provide some answers.

Investigators released a photo showing one of them carrying what appears to be a tennis racket at the same time police believe Krull was in the same area and where her glasses were found on Tuesday.

"We are really grasping at straws right now,” said Const. Eric Hofley. “We don't know what the circumstances are surrounding Thelma's disappearance. We are hoping anybody with any type of information comes forward and it is apparent these two individuals were in the area and known to be in the area."

The cyclists are not considered suspects but detectives want to talk to the pair in case they saw Krull.

"It can often be the most minor things that investigators get and that is the crumb that leads them to an outcome, hopefully positive," said Const. Hofley.

Police also want to hear from anyone else who was in the area on Saturday morning—anyone going for a walk, a jog, or playing tennis may have the smallest piece of information that could help in the investigation.

Police cadets visited Gail Kaleta's home on Thursday, leaving her a photo of Thelma Krull which she keeps on her kitchen counter. Kaleta has done what police have asked.

“We've pretty well looked through our yard,” she said. “I think most of the neighbours have."

Searchers have scoured the area where it's believed Krull was walking and reviewed a brief piece of surveillance video showing the missing grandmother walking near her Harbour View home.

"Your heart breaks for that family not knowing where she is," said Kaleta.

The homicide unit has taken over the lead in the case but that's due to the suspicious nature of Krull's disappearance.

Police said it's still a missing person case and Krull's family is not giving up hope.

"We're putting out more flyers,” said Robert Krull. “We're still searching, a smaller group, but the family is still searching."

Friends and family have also planned a walk for Krull Saturday, July 18 at 9:30 p.m., starting at Kildonan East Collegiate and ending at Krull's home. They're calling it "Help Light the Way Home for Thelma" and they're asking people to bring flashlights or candles.

Winnipeg Transit will provide return transportation for people who take part.

Everyone is welcome.

The police have moved their command centre away from Valley Gardens Community Centre because they've collected all the evidence they need from the area. Police said Friday assigned members of the ground search and rescue team moved further north to continue looking for clues.

Police are also once again asking you to check your yards and check your home security system for surveillance footage. They're looking for anything to move the investigation forward.

Anyone with information can call police at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477.